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The Tenzone site


Why Tenzone?

a) (Literal) It's that yellow bit in the middle of a FITA target.

b) (Philosophical) It's where archers aim to be ....

c) (Pragmatic) My other possible domain names had already gone....

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Not for profit

This site has been assembled for interest's sake by Steve Ellison.

Tenzone is just my website and email address. It's not an organisation or a business of any kind. Of course, come the Revolution that may change. For the forseeable future, though, this is a non-profit personal website, set up mainly for fun on the basis of some bits and pieces that might be useful and risk sitting in a cupboard if they aren't available.

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Copyright and related stuff

The stuff I've written, like anything written by anyone, is copyright. Just to make my position on that clear:

  • Copyright in all the material on this site is held by Steve Ellison unless otherwise stated.
  • Anything on this site that I've written - which is everything, unless it says otherwise - can be printed and copied by an individual for their own personal use in the pursuit of archery performance. Any other use, particularly any form of publication or distribution to others, and whether or not it's for commercial purposes, needs my express permission and due acknowledgement of the source of the material.

For information, I'm unlikely to say No if someone wants to use my material; generally, that's a compliment. Mostly, I'm just interested in whether the stuff is seen as useful. (And if someone wants to make money out of it, I'm sure we can come to some arrangement....;-) ). But I'd appreciate knowing where it's going.

Contact: Steve Ellison

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Other people's copyright

I don't believe anything on the site infringes anybody else's copyright. But some of the material quotes or paraphrases published works. a) that may restrict the general use permission above and b) if anyone feels I've infringed their copyright beyond reasonable use, please tell me and I'll take steps to correct it.

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