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The Equipment corner has two main collections of material on this site at the moment. But there's a lot of stuff elsewhere, so check out the Links at the bottom of the page for more info. as they are added.

Bow tuning
Bow tuning gets the arrow flying straight, clean and fast. This material shows how.

Tuning test guide.
Basic bow setup and clearance checks, plus 11 different tuning tests.

Practical bow tuning
Three practical session outlines to work through the main tuning tests.
Basic set-up and
rough tuning
Fine tuning:
Tuning for groups:

More Tuning resources
Fine tuning worksheet 4kb
Group recording sheet 7kb
Stabilisers make for smaller groups and smoother shooting. The stuff below says why.

Controlling bow behaviour with stabilisation:
After all, that's what it's for!
This document was the basis of one chapter in the GNAS coaching manual. This is actually a slightly updated version

Choosing stabilisers for effect:
Originally a set of lecture slides for the 2000 SCAS coaching conference, but there are some useful summary pics

Equipment Links  
Easton Shaft Charts for arrow selection
Quick equipment guide from Scott Thomson
Tuning for tens - Rick Stonebreaker's well-known resource.